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In order to analyse better the spatial and strategic challenges being confronted within the Arc Manche zone and define policy directions for co-operation, a programme of development and planning is proposed based on the Transmanche Atlas. To this end, the Atlas which was initially developed with an academic orientation, is to be adapted in order to provide a regional data tool (RTD) serving the needs of cross-Channel, transnational co-operation.

Highlighting the strategic imperatives of the Transmanche area

Definition of a strategic vision for the Transmanche zone, incorporating thematic orientations for co-operation.

This stage will be developed along interactive lines: several meetings of the project partnership and thematic working groups, special meetings of Channel area elected representatives, meetings of the University Network advising on content.


  • Consultation with key policy makers and the elected representatives of the Channel area. The EMDI project will involve the elected representatives of the Channel area very early in the strategic vision process and project implementation.
  • Production of a strategic vision document for the Channel area : Spatial Vision Document. This document will incorporate a joint diagnosis of the area, the highlighting of trends, the definition of the joint strategic interests, proposals for an overall strategy, and theme-based policy directions for co-operative action.
  • Dissemination of analysis : Paper Atlas. A printed document incorporating summaries of the analysis produced by the electronic atlas, and of the major strategic issues in the Transmanche zone will be prepared and disseminated to a wider audience.

Realising of tangible pilot actions schemes by major theme

Pilot schemes will be instigated in respect of agreed strategic areas relating to the Transmanche area. These will both allow an evaluation of the regional data tool for transnational co-operation, and validate some of the thematic orientations in the strategic vision.

The themes following from the analysis undertaken in Strand A were selected due to their particular transnational added value for the Arc Manche area and their ability to generate concrete and long-lasting co-operation, as well as to their complementarity with other projects; these themes are not much addressed by other North West Europe Interreg IIIB projects.

Developing a Regional Data Tool (RTD) for transnational co-operation


  • Appraisal of the RDT, strengthening of the partnership around this tool and proposal of new developments
  • Appraisal of the pilot actions schemes by major theme Definition of follow-up actions within the new EU cohesion policy. This Strand will be prepared and led by the PSC. The elected representatives of the Channel area will debate on follow-up actions.
  • Project Appraisal and Definition of Follow-up Actions. This action will include a wider consultation of the Channel local authorities and stakeholders on the various themes developed within the EMDI project.
  • Final Conference and Meeting of the Key Policy Makers. The seminar will allow both a debate between elected representatives of the Channel area and to share the project results with a wider audience of various organisations of the Channel area, with an interest in the RDT.