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The objective behind the EMDI project is to contribute to increased European integration by orientating and fostering the co-operation between French Regions and English local authorities either side of the Channel.

At the first level, this requires further development of the knowledge base and regional data source already represented by the Transmanche Atlas, the result of early cross-Channel co-operation. Through the sharing of data and analyses between the project partners, it means seeking a better understanding and definition of the lines of strategic interest across the Channel area as well as theme-based policy directions for operational co-operation.

At a second level, in respect of issues identified as strategic and meriting further investigation, is the need to create the conditions for tangible co-operation between English and French stakeholders in various sectors - and then to test such co-operation through pilot initiatives on different themes. The thematic working groups are identified further below in this document.

At a third level, it means developing the Transmanche Atlas into more of a regional data tool which can be of operational use to the local authorities and other stakeholders involved in co-operative ventures. The general concept is that of a tool using the latest developments of the ICT, a virtual workspace common to all users, who from their offices in Sussex, Hampshire, Normandy or Bretagne can take advantage of this facility in their day-to-day activities.