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The Regional Data Tools

Implementation of the RDT

  • Specification for Core Requirements
    All partners will contribute to this action through the Project Steering Committee, the university network and the working groups, to identify the core requirements for the Regional Data Tool in terms of both content and function.

  • Specification for Sector Requirements
    This action will ensure that the atlas content is developed in relation to the demand of the chosen sectors to meet both practical needs of the thematic working groups and those of the Channel decision makers. The working groups will specify the sector requirements in terms of content and function.

  • Development of sector content
    The working groups and the university network will prepare the sector specific content agreed for inclusion in the RDT. This information will also be used in the Strategic Vision Document. More relevant and operational data will be issued as a result.

  • Redevelopment of Existing Atlas
    The existing atlas will be adapted by the University of Caen which will have to redesign the general structure, to meet the specified expectations and to reinforce bilinguism. This will include the enhancement of IT document engineerng and other functions to incorporate recent technical advances in electronic atlas technologies.

  • Ongoing development, updating and maintenance
    The team at the University of Caen will provide this service to meet the ongoing requirements of the project partners for updating and maintenance of the system as the project progress.

  • User guide
    It will improve the knowledge of relevant stakeholders concerning the Atlas as a regional data tool. A booklet presenting the contents of the Atlas and a user guide will be produced to promote awareness and use of this regional data tool.