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Higher education, R&D, technology transfers working group

Links with strategic framework

Within each of the local government areas (Regions, Counties, etc.) higher education, R&D and technology transfer represent major elements of future economic development. Although well represented in terms of number in this sector of North West Europe, few targeted action or co-operation networks have been initiated. These now need to be developed.


  • Promotion of expertise within companies based on surveys of existing potential. Identification of centres of expertise, making up of a database with specific information responding to needs expressed by regional development agencies, for promoting the economic development of the Channel regions.
  • Networking Centres of Expertise. An outside consultant will be commissioned to promote the networking and organisation of the centres of expertise identified.
  • A Business Fair will be organised to promote contact between companies and centres of expertise in the Channel area, thereby promoting interaction between the economic fabric and stakeholders in the domains of Higher Education actors R&D Technology Transfer.
Higher education, R&D, technology transfers working group